Updated Sunday, October 11, 2015

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I know have one of Shockwaves 3 Element V-Quads and what an Antennas it is.... I can now hear almost anywhere in the World :-)




Got my 5/8 Vertical and placed it as per your instruction on top of my 5 element beam and WOW what can I say other than a very BIG thankyou !!!

Cheers, Danny (WR677)

Hi Peter,

Installed my new 4 Element Yagi & 5/8 vertical and is all working perfect.

73's Sharky (WR455)

I Have also been using the 5/8 by Shockwave for about 2 or 3 years now, Great DX/TX antenna gets me out all over the world.. Well worth the investment for a vertical.

73's 43AU001 Dave



I have the Shockwave 5/8 ground plane vertical myself, the build quality has to be seen to be believed. Well worth the money.


My new Station Master was paid for on a Tuesday and arrived on Friday. Excellent service.



Just wanted to say a very big thankyou for the 5/8 Wave Vertical Antenna with the ground plane we brought from you several months ago.
Where we live down here in Tasmania has never been a good location when it comes to 27 MHz but after talking to you and you recommended the 5/8 Wave Antenna we are now able to work skip almost anywhere on the Australian Mainland, New Zealand, Hawaii, USA & Canada and get wonderful reports back from the many friends we have made and all this was only made possible by using your 5/8 wave Antenna.
Peter we just can't thankyou enough !!!!
Cheers & Thankyou
James (43WR395) & Tracey (43WR379)
Tasmania ........ 11th August 2012

P.S. We got our New Yagi from you today and looking forward to getting that up in the air in the next week or so :-)


Hi Peter

Got in touch with Peter from Shockwave on 1st Dec. and asked if he could build a 2 element V-Quad for me, and even though he is flat out, he had it finished and ready to pick up on the 12th Dec. I went down to his place in suburban Melbourne on the 15th to pick it up and had the pleasure of meeting Peter. Good bloke and knows how to build antennas. Very happy with the antenna, it performs better than I had hoped and the build quality is excellent. If your looking for an antenna, speak to Peter and you wont be disappointed.

Thanks again Peter


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Updated Sunday, October 11, 2015